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                            Applications are an accumulation of at least three years academic and extracurricular preparation, and the counseling process helps students clarify their achievements and their potential for admission to university. The College assists students in evaluating their achievements with respect to university standards and admission requirements, thus enabling students to make informed application decisions.


                            The College provides references, reports and transcripts in accordance with SCIE application procedures. Teachers provide honest references and letters of recommendation based on a student’s performance both inside and outside the classroom. In the case of applying to UK universities the College supports the student with a reference which is used in conjunction with an online application to a selection of five universities. In the case of applications to North American universities, transcripts, reports and letters of recommendation become part of a tutorial application package which is sent directly to universities on behalf of the student.


                            SCIE provides current, accurate and independent information in support of applications to universities around the world. Importantly, the College application process is a collaboration between counselors and students. To this end,? UCO staff are responsible for counselling a range of students. At SCIE we work on applications as part of a team:

                            • a team of counsellors within the department sharing expertise and knowledge;
                            • a team of educators within the college working with teachers, admin staff and counsellors to prepare resources to support student applications, and
                            • a team of people who care for the students applying, including parents to assist students as required throughout their whole college life.

                            Ultimately however, students are responsible for their own applications, including attending counseling appointments, meeting college deadlines, attending seminars by visiting university and college personnel, undertaking testing, visa applications and other requirements individual universities may need.




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