The UCAS system
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                            General Information

                            Compared with other applications, UCAS is straightforward and regulated through a database which allows for oversight by College management.? The system is intuitive and easy to understand for students.



                            A buzzword is created by college management, which is distributed to all students.? When students register for the first time, they need to use this buzzword to gain access to the College account.? Students are advised to record all login codes and passwords very carefully and must use College e-mail addresses for all communication with UCAS.? All student names are checked, and should match the student’s passport name and those recorded on all qualification certificates.


                            Decision Making

                            The earlier that students make their decisions and the less frequently they change their mind the better.? The G level programs of enrichment, PHSE and university guidance are designed to help students to make these decisions.


                            Personal Statements

                            There are numerous guides to how to write personal statements available, the full content of which will not be replicated here.? However, the following summary on personal statement content may be useful:

                            • Personal statements are formal documents and should be written as such
                            • A job application letter would be a good model for the tone and register required for a personal statement
                            • Personal statements should link every aspect of the person discussed to the subject for which the student is applying
                            • Achievements, prizes and awards should be mentioned
                            • Advanced concepts should be discussed using complex subject-specific language if the student is capable of doing so
                            • Up to 20% of content can be non-relevant to the course

                            The personal statement process should begin with an essay plan in which achievements and notable content is collected into paragraphs relating to e.g. subjects studied at AS, internships in the holiday, future aspirations etc.? Once the plan is finalized, the student should begin the writing process.? A1 students are expected to complete their first draft before leaving for summer break.


                            Completion of the UCAS Form

                            The student completes the UCAS form by pressing pay/send.? At this point the Counselor begins their final rounds of checks on the student application.? The Counselor simultaneously completes and submits the reference and predicted grades.? College Management then checks the reference and application for errors.? At any point up to this stage the application can be sent back to be amended.? The final step involves submission by college management after which the application cannot be changed.

                            For further information on UCAS website.


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