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                            An Overview

                            The Shenzhen College of International Education University Careers Office believes that?the university application process is, at its core, an?educational one. We strive to educate both students and?families about the numerous aspects of the process and?about the complex and ever-changing college admissions?landscape. Beyond that, we ask students to engage in?meaningful self-reflection to learn more about themselves,?their hopes, their dreams, their strengths, their weaknesses,?and their aspirations. We stress that for the process to be?truly successful, students must be in control. We believe that?the university application process is an opportunity?for students to grow and to build upon their SCIE?education in a manner that will serve them for the rest of?their lives.

                            In?accordance with the mission of SCIE, the College Counseling Program seeks to guide each student in his or her personal growth over the course of the university selection process. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their university choices and encouraged to consider thoroughly where they will be most successful in attaining higher education. With a balanced list of universities, each student and family will be well positioned to make this major life decision with confidence.

                            UCO Mission

                            The mission of the UCO is to aid students in researching viable educational choices, ultimately finding the best match between a student’s talents and interests and those colleges which will offer appropriate intellectual and personal challenges.

                            Once choices have been made by students and parents, the UCO will assist in all aspects of the university application process.


                            SCIE Counseling Principles

                            At all times, the department and its counselors will be governed by the following principles:

                            • Objectivity – counselors should not show bias towards particular countries, universities or courses of study, but should present factual information and indicate clearly when it is an opinion which is being given
                            • Client Choice – counselors should allow students and parents to make the final decisions regarding application choices, even if they choose to go against counselor’s advice
                            • Accuracy – Counselors should endeavor to make sure that the information which they give to students is accurate and up-to-date
                            • Equality – Each student and application should be treated with the same standard of care by their counselor
                            • Number of Applications – Students and parents decide how many applications to make; counselors should explain that more applications means less detailed help
                            • Internationality – Every counselor is expected to be able to deal with applications from every country
                            • Collegiality – Each member of the department will have gained greater knowledge in certain areas.? All members of the department must cooperate and share knowledge so as to provide the best possible standard of service to students
                            • Confidentiality – Student and parent information is sensitive.? Counselors must not divulge such information to any third party without direct permission
                            • Safeguarding – Counselors must abide by the safe-guarding principles, as set out in the Safe Practices Manual, particularly counselors should not be alone in the evening counseling students


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